Solid Edge ST10为设计,仿真和协作提供强大的增强功能
The latest release of Siemens’ Solid Edge® software (Solid Edge ST10) brings every aspect of product development to the next level with new design technology, enhanced fluid flow and heat transfer analysis and cloud-based collaboration tools. Improved publishing tools enable the creation of interactive technical documents and the ability to share designs in the cloud. Solid Edge ST10 now makes it much easier to optimize parts for additive manufacturing (AM) and obtain quotes, material selection and delivery schedules from AM service providers. Newly integrated topology optimization technology, combined with Siemens’ exclusive Convergent Modeling™ technology, enables designers to dramatically improve product design efficiency and streamlines the ability to work with imported geometry.
西门子SolidEdge®软件(Solid Edge ST10)的最新版本通过新的设计技术,增强的流体流量和热传递分析以及基于云的协作工具,将产品开发的各个方面提升到更高的水平。 改进的发布工具可以创建交互式技术文档,并能够在云中共享设计。 Solid Edge ST10现在可以更轻松地优化增材制造(AM)的零件,并从AM服务提供商获取报价,材料选择和交货计划。 新的集成拓扑优化技术,结合西门子独家的融合建模™技术,使设计人员能够显着提高产品设计效率,并简化使用导入几何的能力。
“We import many 3D models for components like lamps and cushions in a faceted format,” said Ricardo Espinosa, R&D Engineering Manager at Kimball International. “The new Convergent Modeling technology that underlies Solid Edge ST10 will enable us to work faster and more flexibly with this data.”
Kimball International的研发工程经理Ricardo Espinosa说:“我们以多种形式导入许多3D模型,如灯具和垫子等组件。 “以Solid Edge ST10为基础的新型融合建模技术将使我们能够更快,更灵活地使用这些数据。”
Expanding beyond traditional CAD capabilities, Solid Edge ST10 now offers a complete portfolio of tools to improve product development and design. New topology optimization technology, a subset of automated generative design, quickly optimizes the strength to weight ratio of individual part designs. Convergent Modeling greatly simplifies the ability to work with geometry consisting of a combination of facets, surfaces, and solids – such as those created by importing third-party CAD files or through topology optimization. New simulation capabilities such as fully-integrated fluid flow analysis eliminate the need to transfer data between different applications, giving designers the ability to achieve accurate and fast fluid flow and heat transfer analysis directly in Solid Edge.
Enhancements to integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) enables efficient programming of CNC machine tools, and the ability to define complex sheet metal components, optimized for manufacturing. New additive manufacturing tools enable users to 3D print parts in house or access a network of additive manufacturing services, optimizing material selection and delivery.
扩展超越传统的CAD功能,Solid Edge ST10现在提供完整的工具组合,以改善产品开发和设计。 新的拓扑优化技术是自动生成设计的一个子集,可以快速优化各个零件设计的强度与重量比。 融合建模大大简化了使用由小面,曲面和实体组合组成的几何体的能力,例如通过导入第三方CAD文件或通过拓扑优化创建的几何。 新的模拟功能,例如完全集成的流体流分析,无需在不同应用之间传输数据,使设计人员能够直接在Solid Edge中实现准确和快速的流体流动和传热分析。
Solid Edge ST10 also includes enriched publication features to quickly create detailed illustrations of designs. Publishing interactive digital documents can help communicate the correct manufacturing process and maintenance procedures for products. These documents are associative to the original design information, enabling rapid updates to the documentation when the design changes. New enhancements to built-in Solid Edge data management and improved integration with Siemens’ Teamcenter® software delivers scalable product data management to help companies of all sizes become digital enterprises. Component classification and off-line working are now supported for Solid Edge using the embedded Teamcenter integration.
Solid Edge ST10还包括丰富的出版功能,可以快速创建设计的详细图示。 发布互动数字文档可以帮助沟通正确的制造过程和产品的维护程序。 这些文档与原始设计信息相关联,可在设计更改时快速更新文档。 内置Solid Edge数据管理和改进与西门子Teamcenter®软件集成的新增功能可实现可扩展的产品数据管理,帮助各种规模的公司成为数字企业。 使用嵌入式Teamcenter集成,Solid Edge现在支持组件分类和离线工作。
The Solid Edge portal will offer a cloud-based solution to collaborate with other users, suppliers and customers, simplifying communication in product development cycles. Offering a new way to work cooperatively, the portal allows users to upload and manage files in cloud-based folders, with multi-platform browser-based viewing of Solid Edge and many other popular CAD applications.
Solid Edge门户网站将提供基于云的解决方案,与其他用户,供应商和客户合作,简化产品开发周期中的沟通。 提供了一种新的合作方式,该门户允许用户在基于云的文件夹中上传和管理文件,通过基于浏览器的Solid Edge查看和许多其他流行的CAD应用程序进行浏览。
“Digitalization is leveling the playing field, providing unlimited opportunities for small-to medium-sized businesses to disrupt industry,” said John Miller, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Siemens PLM Software. “The release of Solid Edge ST10 provides a portfolio of next generation product development tools that will enable our manufacturing customers to fully collaborate in the digital economy.”
Siemens PLM Software的高级副总裁兼总经理John Miller表示:“数字化正在调整竞争环境,为中小型企业提供无限的机会来破坏行业。 “Solid Edge ST10的发布提供了下一代产品开发工具的组合,这将使我们的制造客户能够在数字经济方面进行充分的合作。”

Solid Edge ST10 is scheduled to ship in summer 2017. For more information please visit[url]www.siemens.com/plm/st10[/url]
Solid Edge ST10计划于2017年夏季发货。欲了解更多信息,请访问[url]www.siemens.com/plm/st10[/url]

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