Solid Edge ST10:Shaping the future of product development

Solid Edge ST10:塑造产品开发的未来

Features 特征

    Next-generation modeling tools allow easy addition of features to scanned models


    Generative design tools enable the modeling of complex, organic shapes


    Reverse engineering tools reduce rework on imported and scanned models


    Cloning speeds duplication of frequently-used components within a product assembly


    Dedicated 3D printing interface features dynamic preview with associated topological information, with multiple export options to common formats


    Online professional 3D printing services are available directly from Solid Edge

    Solid Edge直接提供在线专业3D打印服务

    Solid Edge Flow Simulation delivers embedded CFD to a wide range of users

    Solid Edge Flow Simulation将嵌入式CFD提供给广泛的用户

    Find the data you need faster – including associated draft files and latest revisions

    找到您需要的数据更快 - 包括相关的图纸文件和最新版本

    Support for part classification, off-line working and assigning Solid Edge files to existing items in Teamcenter

    支持零件分类,脱机工作,并将Solid Edge文件分配给Teamcenter中的现有项目

    Solid Edge Portal for cloud-based collaboration around multi-CAD data

    Solid Edge 门户网站用于基于云计算的多CAD数据协作

Synchronous modeling 同步建模

    Model scaling: Models can be scaled up or down, uniformly or non-uniformly, in preparation for conceptual prototype design and 3D printing, and accounting for shrinkage in mold design.


    Free hand sketching (Draw command): Mobile design is advanced via the introduction of Microsoft Inking technology for freehand sketching within the Solid Edge Draw command. When working with a Surface device, pen strokes are converted to analytical sketches on the fly, truly making the tablet a “digital napkin.”

    自由手绘(绘图命令):通过引入Microsoft Inking技术,可以在Solid Edge Draw命令中进行手绘草图,从而进行移动设计。 当使用Surface设备时,笔画会在飞行中转换为分析草图,真正使平板电脑成为“数字餐巾”。


Assembly 装配

    Assembly feature and relationship suppression variables: Solid Edge ST10 provides the ability to programmatically assign suppression variables to individual assembly features and relations, speeding modification during assembly edits. From there, the variable table can be used to tie suppression states to logical functions.

    装配功能和关系抑制变量:Solid Edge ST10提供以编程方式将抑制变量分配给各个装配体特征和关系的能力,在组装编辑过程中加快修改速度。 从那里,变量表可以用于将抑制状态与逻辑功能相关联。

    Assembly clones: Modeling productivity is greatly enhanced by  component cloning, automating the duplication of single parts or subassemblies across an entire top-level assembly. Each clone can be oriented as needed. Relations associated with the component(s) will be duplicated when similar reference geometry exists, or will be repaired if necessary.

    组装克隆:通过组件克隆大大提高了生产力建模,从而在整个顶级程序集中自动复制单个部件或子部件。 每个克隆可以根据需要定向。 与组件相关联的关系将在相似的参考几何存在时重复,否则将在必要时进行修复。


Built-in data management 内置数据管理
Built-in data management capabilities are enhanced with even easier setup and administration, and improvements in the user interface help speed completion of everyday tasks and reduce errors in the design process. Notification of the availability of newer revisions, improved tools to find and replace duplicate files, and automatic copying of drawings during “Save As” operations are just of few of the many enhancements.

通过更容易的设置和管理,内置数据管理功能得到增强,用户界面的改进有助于加快日常任务的完成并减少设计过程中的错误。 在“另存为”操作中,可以通知更新版本的可用性,改进的工具来查找和替换重复的文件,以及自动复制图形,这些都是很少的增强功能。


Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge
More work processes are now supported for Solid Edge customers using Teamcenter® software. Users can work offline and then synchronize the changes they have made to Teamcenter, and a new “Save New to Existing” command allows users to associate new Solid Edge files with existing Teamcenter items. Classification of parts is supported through the embedded Active Workspace interface. Many user interface improvements including the ability to directly open associated draft files, validation of user input before submitting data and docking panes in the “Open File” dialog further improve efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors. New bundles of Solid Edge with Teamcenter provide great value for customers moving towards becoming a digital enterprise.

现在,Solid Edge客户使用Teamcenter®软件支持更多的工作流程。 用户可以离线工作,然后同步他们对Teamcenter所做的更改,并且新的“保存新到现有”命令允许用户将新的Solid Edge文件与现有的Teamcenter项目相关联。 通过嵌入的Active Workspace界面支持部件分类。 许多用户界面的改进,包括直接打开关联的草稿文件的能力,在“Open File”对话框中提交数据和对接窗格之前验证用户输入进一步提高了效率并减少了错误的可能性。 Solid Edge与Teamcenter的新捆绑为为成为数字企业的客户提供了极大的价值。


Solid Edge Portal  Solid Edge门户网站

The Solid Edge Portal is a new way for manufacturers to securely collaborate around their design projects, both internally and externally. Upload your CAD files to cloud-based project folders, and view these files using any browser. Invite users from other departments or from external organizations including suppliers and customers to collaborate with you.

Solid Edge 门户网站是制造商在内部和外部安全合作设计项目的新方式。 将CAD文件上传到基于云的项目文件夹,并使用任何浏览器查看这些文件。 邀请来自其他部门或外部组织(包括供应商和客户)的用户与您合作。


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